Filing bugs in Launchpad from the terminal (rapidement!)

September 21, 2012

Obviously being an engineer working on Ubuntu, part of my day-to-day life is working with bugs in Launchpad. Filing them, triaging them and fixing them (etc, etc). For a long time I have felt like the tools provided by Ubuntu to assist with bug filing don’t meet my needs as an engineer working on an upstream project. The well known ubuntu-bug is too heavyweight, for the following reasons:

  1. It spends a lot of time gathering logs and other info which in many cases is not useful (for example when filing very simple bugs.
  2. It wants you to go through the browser to fill in many details, mainly unnecessary.
  3. It complains about ‘non-existant’ or ‘unofficial’ packages, which is often just obstructive.

I’m not complaining that ubuntu-bug is bad or useless by any means, it does many useful things and is ideal for the use case of a user filing bugs against packages. I don’t need the extra stuff and just want to file simple bugs against whatever project I may desire.

Wanting for such a script led me to ask on #ubuntu-devel (FreeNode IRC) if such a tool existed. The consensus from two very senior Ubuntu developers who I would trust to know was that nothing was there but it would be simple to write. I knew that, which made it all the more surprising it wasn’t yet. So a few hours later appears:

usage: A script for filing new bugs in Launchpad. [-h] [--project PROJECT]
                                                  [--package PACKAGE]

Most excitingly, it was suggested by Bryce Harrington, maintainer of the ‘python-launchpadlib-toolkit’ package that the script should be added to the package so I proposed a merge request which he accepted. After fixing a couple of bugs, I have got around to getting a build of python-launchpadlib-toolkit into my PPA. You may install the latest version of it for Precise using:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:brendan-donegan/ppa; apt-get update; apt-get install python-launchpadlib-toolkit

Having done that it is very easy to use:

lp-file-bug ‘The title of the bug’ –project=myproject

An editor will be opened (either ‘nano’ the default editor in Ubuntu, or whatever you have set in $EDITOR) and you write the description there, save and close it and then you’ll be given the link to the new bug, which you may use to view it.

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