New Years Resolutions

January 6, 2012

I’m only just back from my holidays and it’s the time of year to be making some resolutions. We all know that these things usually go nowhere, so I don’t usually bother – but this year I’m in a resolution sort of mood. Maybe it’s because there’s another baby on the way that I’m feeling responsible right now!

My first resolution is to learn my family by marriages language, that being Urdu. Particularly because my mother-in-law doesn’t speak English (a mother in law who can’t talk to you – sounds like some peoples dream!) and learning a language will broaden my horizons, since I’ve never really learnt a (human) language properly. I think this one will be difficult, but I’ll be happy as long as I make some improvement by the year end.

The second one is in the technical field. There’s a very interesting technology for message passing called Rabbit and though not directly related to my job, it’s something that brings me back to my university days when I was very interested in all sorts of distributed systems (I did projects on distributed file systems and message passing interfaces). Of course no-one has any significant amount of control over their career direction at the early stages, so I never got a chance to indulge myself in these areas further, having been thrust into the realm of QA as a graduate. So I will take some time to get up-to-speed on using this technology and hopefully get a chance to implement something in it (time willing)

Back to the soft skills again, a great passion of mine is cooking. I didn’t start doing any cooking for myself until I finished University (most of my food preperation before then could have been better described as ‘assembly’ rather than cooking) and I’d say by now I’ve reached the level of ‘competent home cook’. I want to take that to the next level. Not yet exactly sure what that will mean 🙂 This ones going to be easy I think, because basically it’s just getting better at something I consider my hobby.

That’s it for concrete goals for now. I might pick a language or two to learn as well (my languages are becoming stale actually as I’m becoming increasingly focused on Python and Bash exclusively) just to keep myself fresh and on the soft (heh) side again there’s a general goal about fitness, but I won’t bore anyone with that.

If I can rememember to then I’ll post again next year on where I got – wish me luck!

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