Picking Cherries

December 5, 2011

Today I needed to use Bazaar to merge the changes from just one file in the project that I’m working on to an older release. Trying to search Google for how to do this, the information wasn’t very clear. I eventually figured it out so I thought I’d share the technique here. Sometimes it’s called ‘cherrypicking’ (thus the title).

First branch the branch you want merge the changes into:

bzr branch lp:checkbox-certification/0.9

then branch the branch which contains the changes:

bzr branch lp:~brendan-donegan/checkbox-certification/wireless_scanning_sru

change into the root of the branch you want to merge into and specify the bzr merge command giving the path to the file you want to ‘cherrypick’ the changes from:

cd 0.9; bzr merge ../wireless_scanning_sru/jobs/sru_suite.txt

This will merge all of the changes from the file wireless_scanning_sru/jobs/sru_suite.txt to 0.9/jobs/sru_suite.txt

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