Hello Ubuntu World!

May 17, 2011


For a while I had a blog on WordPress which was related to Symbian and other mobile stuff. This has fallen by the wayside after I left Symbian. To get you all up to speed, I’ve been working for Canonical for the past 6 months and have become entrenched in the world of Ubuntu and Linux in general. My role there is as a Hardware Certification Engineer, which is mainly a QA type role. In general my team deals with running the the Ubuntu Certified program (http://www.ubuntu.com/certification) which awards ‘certified’ status to systems which pass our rigorous test suite.

My own role mainly focuses around the development and maintenance of the tests and tools used, as well as some operational stuff such as running tests on stable release updates (SRUs) across all of our certified hardware.

In a nutshell, that’s what I do. If you want more detail, keep your eye on my blog as I’ll be trying to be more active on this front. I just needed some time to get comfortable in my new role and get my feet on the ground before starting this again. I’ll follow this post up with a quick one about something I’ve been up to recently.

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